Emrys Merlin

A twenty-year-old faerie/human hybrid


5000 XP


Emrys was born on isle of Albion in the fourteenth century. The story goes that a sixteen-year-old princess had a handsome man appear in her bedchamber late one night. He bewitched her and they slept together. Come the morning light the man had disappeared, and a few months later Emrys was born. He had light blue eyes, a solemn expression, and a pair of blue wings—which were promptly snipped off. Emrys was baptized in the Catholic faith that day, and rumors spread throughout the kingdom that the princess had slept with a demon of Hell.

For protection against fearful men, the princess took Emrys and fled into the wilderness. For many years she and Emrys used the arts of medicine and storytelling to earn money as they travelled from village to village. From an early age Emrys showed signs of supernatural ability. He could see and talk with the spirits of nature invisible to human kind. He could befriend and tame the wildest animals. And on occasion he had visions of the future.

When Emrys was eighteen he was taken from his mother by the soldiers of the tyrant Vortigern: a Friesian invader who had won the crown of Albion. Vortigern was having a problem; the fortress he had been trying to build for the past month kept collapsing each night. His soothsayers had told him that the gods would not allow him to build his fortress until they were appeased by a human sacrifice. When Vortigern asked what kind of human the gods wanted they answered, “A man with no mortal father.”

The soothsayers had no real power, and didn’t expect Vortigern to find one, but sure enough in a couple of weeks he had discovered Emrys. When Emrys was brought before Vortigern he quickly used his wits to escape. He told Vortigern that regardless of sacrifice, Vortigern would never build his fortress, for within the land dragons at war. Even more, Emrys proclaimed that Aurelianus Pendragon, the long lost rightful prince of Albion, would rise up and win back his crown.

While Vortigern pondering the reality of this, Emrys fled. He ran into the woods, trying to find his mother. What he found was the gateway to Avalon, the Otherworldly kingdom of the fay folk. This portal was in the shape of a still water lake. When Emrys unwittingly entered Avalon he was immediately recognized as a great wizard by the faeries, for only such a man could pass through the portal.

Emrys was taken before the High Faerie Queen. After much divinization she discovered that Emrys was the latest incarnation of Merlin—the most beloved title in the entire magical world. The Fay Queen explained to Emrys that the Merlin is the bridge between the world of the humans and the world of the supernatural. The Merlin brings with him the promise of the Golden Age of Civilization for all beings. And the last Merlin died eons ago.

The High Queen herself tutored Emrys in the magical arts. Under Emrys request, his mother was summoned and allowed to live there. After two years the Queen saw it was time for Emrys to venture out into other dimensions to soak up all the magic and knowledge he could. She sent him off to Kalamar, telling Emrys very little about the place forcing him to rely on his talents alone.

He left Avalon with a brown robe and a staff craved for him by the Queen. By his own choice he took no shoes—he loves going barefoot. Around his oaken locks is a hairband made from stardust to denote him as the Merlin. After spending so much time in Avalon his ears have become pointed.

Personality wise, Emrys is a fish out of water in every situation. He is too human for magic, and too magical for humans. However, he is quick to learn new things and discern the hidden. He is quirky, calm, and diplomatic. He enjoys relaxing in nature, gaining in wisdom, and beautiful women, though this often proves to be a source of frustration for him. He calls himself the Merlin in formal occasions and with those he first meets. Only those he calls friend may call him Emrys.

Emrys Merlin

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