Humans are by far the most populous race in the known world of Tellene, dwelling in every land between the Brandobian Ocean and the Khydoban Desert. Humankind can be roughly divided into five main sub-races/cultures, which also correspond to the broad language groups of the world:

Brandobians live in the western lands beyond the Legasa Peaks and Elenion Mountains. The Three Kingdoms of Brandobia are the longest-lived human realms of Tellene, rich in culture and steeped in tradition, producing the finest armor and weapons of the mortal realm. Centuries ago, the Brandobian Empire ruled over the Young Kingdoms, and remnants of their language and culture exist to this day. The Brandobians themselves are a little shorter than average, with fair skin and dark hair and eyes. They are very proud of their heritage—though arrogant and condescending is how other races would put it.

The Dejy are the original inhabitants of Tellene, having whole empires that rose and crumbled into dust millennia before the rest of Mankind crossed over from Svimolzia. They are diverse in size and frame, but tend towards reddish-gold skin and black to brown hair and eyes. There are a few Dejy nations left in the world like Shynabyth and Thybaj, but most live in small city-states like legenday Dijishy or else in nomadic tribes on the outskirts of more civilized nations.

The Fhokki are a tall, broad-shouldered race primarily found in the Wild Lands of the northeast. They are the lightest-skinned and lightest-haired humans of Tellene. They are fierce warriors, given to great melancholies and gigantic mirths, and widely viewed as simple barbarians. While it is true that they have no nations as great as Brandobia or Kalamar, they do command the wide steppes and forests of Dhrokker and the warrior-nation of Skarrna. They are suspicious of magic, but have their own shamans.

Kalamarans are a people with a broad range of body types and colorations, though the red hair of the original tribes is still evident amongst their nobility. Not too many centuries ago, the Kalamarans built their Vast Empire up from a few scattered tribes and conquered the whole world, a feat that they wish to duplicate again. Frighteningly to everyone else, they have the drive, they have the cunning, and now they have a leader who may well bring them victory.

The Reanaarians live in small city-states around the bay that bears their name in the east. They are smaller even than the Brandobians, dark-haired and olive-skinned. The Reanaarians are well-known for their adaptability, their cunning, and their friendship with the demi-human races of Tellene. Their ships and caravans are found all over the world, wherever there is profit to be made by trade. They are no strangers to war, having fought with each other for centuries, but have never known a unified empire.

The Svimolz are tall and black-skinned. Inhabiting the island known throughout the world as the Cradle of Civilization, they are a people much given to tradition, but also to learning and trade. Their merchants are found in port cities around the world, and are looked upon with no small amount of superstition. The Svimolzi themselves view the many nations of the north, even Brandobia, as young upstarts who will, gods willing, mature in time.


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