The Lathlani, as they are called in their own tongue, claim to be the eldest of the many races of Tellene. Even so, they are a fading people, withdrawing into increasingly shrinking forests and wilderlands as humankind continues to spread abroad. They do not rule great kingdoms as men do, but rather cities and strongholds of surpassing beauty.

Most Lathlani have pale to fair skin, black hair, and grey, blue, or green eyes. The Elf-lords of old were said to be twice the height of mortal men, but today they are a slender people, smallish and frail-seeming beside mortals. The elves themselves believe that they have already passed the Spring and Summer of the world, are now deep into Autumn, and soon Winter must come—though whether an eternal Winter or one which passes into a new Spring are the subject of much debate. Though the elves have allies and patrons among the powers of Balance and even Chaos, they have no clerics, having never been close to the Law (see Alignment and Religion).

The Lathlani realms are centered around the Kalalali Forest in the Young Kingdoms and the Lendelwood in Brandobia. Though their patrols keep these forests from becoming enclaves of Chaos, they are still fey and dangerous lands to most mortals.

In addition to the Lathlani, there are several sub-races of the elves. The best-known of these are the Doulathan (grey elves) and Aralarai (wood elves).

The Doulathan, who live primarily witin the Edosi Forest in Kalamar, are taller than most elves. Their skin is also pale, though sometimes tinged with a golden tone, and their hair tends towards gold and platinum. They are reknowned both for their arrogance and for their command of magic; a grey elf who forgoes ever taking a level as a fighter may rise to the 10th level as a magic-user. It is said that the elders of their people surpass even the greatest of human magi in wisdom and power.

The Aralarai live in small clans in the Brindonwood, Lendelwood, and Edosi Forest. Their skin is darker than other elves, often the same hue as the trees that they call home, and when disguised in their green and brown garb, slip through their woodland homes almost imperceptibly to strangers. The wood elves lack the magical ability of other elves (being restricted to 4th level as a magic user) but are natural hunters and warriors (able to rise to 7th level as a fighter).

Unless otherwise stated, a player-character is assumed to be a Lathlan (high elf).


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