The Gurin are a diminutive folk, even smaller than the dwarves, who are found all across the northern lands, whether as laborers (or petty thieves) in and around human cities or as nomadic wanderers without. They are naturally stealthy, able to disappear (90%) into natural foliage or even nothing more than a stray shadow (2-in-6 chance), and therein lies the key to their survival, for they are not great warriors (being limited to 4th level as a fighter). Sadly, their natural talent for stealth has led to continual accusations of thievery by other races, who often drive them out from their cities and lands.

Even so, the Gurin are well-regarded by both Elves and Dwarves, even serving as emissaries between them and the Big Folk when needed and able. In such negotiations, they are always shrewd to build in patronage relationships for themselves, so that they might live in peace for a generation or a century in the lands of their benefactors.

Most Gurin have dark, curly hair, though some called asraven (“amberhair”) are known to be blonde. While the Gurin wear shoes or boots in cold weather or inhospitable terrain, they love to travel barefoot in the warmer months over copse and dell. Many Gurin live on rafts and barges along the world’s great rivers, though they have no love for the sea. They are skilled farmers and herders, but those who are fortunate to take up such professions are vulnerable to the Big Folk stealing their lands and their herds.

There are legends of a Gurin homeland somewhere in the Wild Lands, said to be called Khashyr. The Gurin themselves do not speak of it in the presence of outsiders, refusing to confirm or deny its existence.


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