Tellene is the common name both for the planet and the continent on which the Vast Empire and the Young Kingdoms reside. Most of the known world of Tellene has a temperate climate, becoming tropical only in the southernmost regions like Svimolz and sub-artic only in the very farthest north. The warm weather and plentiful rain is a great boon to both the human and monstrous inhabitants of the world, providing plenty of food for both.

Tellene is orbited by three moons: Veshemo (“Mother Above”) is a large silvery moon not unlike our own Luna, with a 28-day cycle that marks the thirteen months of the Tellene year. Pelselond (Big Star) is smaller and has a 34-day cycle. Diadolai (the Elven Moon) is the smallest, being only about 1/3 the size of Veshemo, and is reddish-pink, with an 80-day cycle.

Tellene’s thirteen months are each named in the Merchant’s Tongue for the activity most common to them. The year begins with the Spring Solstice, on the 1st of Renewal:

  1. Renewal
  2. Sowing
  3. Mustering
  4. Declarations
  5. Mid-season Harvest
  6. Replanting
  7. Siege-hold
  8. Arid
  9. Reaping
  10. Harvest
  11. Frosting
  12. Snowfall
  13. Famine

Each month is divided into quarters of seven days:

  1. Diaday
  2. Pelsday
  3. Katarday
  4. Fireday
  5. Homeday
  6. Godday
  7. Veshday


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